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SIGN: Found in establishments in the 1960s

NO blacks. No Irish and no dogs. This is the oft publicised ‘unacceptable face of racism,’ of the late 50’s and early 60’s, when landladies, letting out rooms in areas of London and other cities posted this on the doors and windows of their establishments.

By today’s standards these signs do of course appear utterly disgusting and totally unacceptable. But times have changed drastically since those far more insular and uninformed times.

Back then, these were not blanket judgements, simply because of someone’s skin colour or country of origin. They were decisions made because of the general reputation gained by those who were considered foreigners at that time. Many Irish were not welcomed by landladies because the vast majority worked the roads and building sites, and on weekends were renowned for arriving back at all hours and keeping all the other tenants awake by bellowing Irish ditties at the tops of their voices.

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People of colour had, in the main, only recently arrived from countries which were far less developed than the UK, with many having never even seen a toilet or experienced abodes with running water. Through no fault of their own, their general standards of living were vastly different to the locals. The landladies simply couldn’t cope with the culture differences. As for dogs, this was in no way a comparison. Merely that landladies didn’t want the barking to annoy the other tenants. We weren’t racists; we were merely treating those around us as we found them.

I personally NEVER judged people by creed or colour. In those heady flower-power days, I truly did believe the UK was the forerunner of how the whole world would be one day; convinced that in the words of Blue Mink and Madeline Bell, (who I know still peruses this column) that all we did indeed require was a great big melting pot, turning out coffee coloured people by the score!

For a time I lived in Bayswater’s All Saints Road. At the end of the road was a pub frequented mainly by the black neighbourhood community. I was often the only white face in the pub and thoroughly enjoyed the company and the Ska and reggae music while enveloped in the vaguely sweet aroma of ‘pot.’ No racism there either.

Some years later I returned to reminisce in the area which held so many memories. The taxi driver wouldn’t even drive down the street! I walked to the packed, still wholly black clientele pub and after a few minutes made the decision to leave because of the uncomfortable silence which had descended over the whole establishment. I truly was utterly shocked and disappointed.

Believe me, we were never the racists. Generally we welcomed those from different societies. We never envisaged that our liberal attitude would in later years bring the threat of other religions and cultures trying to alter our whole way of life and democratic liberty. No wonder the UK is now infested with racist views.

When you find yourself arguing racism with some snowflake or another, remember to remind them of one thing. Those people had all the best intentions in the world. And now find their very freedom of speech threatened! Just saying…

Keep the faith,

Love, leapy.

leapylee [email protected]


  1. Before the usual suspects go ballistic (again) this is not a crit of Leapy, God bless him! I’ve read his whole article, but I just want everyone to think BEYOND his narrow far-right agenda and think hard about the much, much bigger picture. It’s not pretty. God help our children and grandchildren. What a divided world we have brought them into, eh?
    Want to see where it’s all heading? Just watch ‘Years and Years’ on the BBC iPlayer. Series 1: episode 1 – Emma Thompson playing devil’s advocate and a lot of well known faces backing her up. This is the most subversive thing I’ve seen since Charlie Brooker’s ‘Black Mirror’ on Netflix. Enjoy!
    Ok, so it’s fiction, but aren’t we living in an era where fiction is often presented as fact? Answers on the back of a one Euro note and I’ll be a millionaire in no time!
    And while you’re on the iPlayer why not watch Andrew Marr’s programme, ‘Europe: the big vote.’ By Jove it shows how we’ve all been hoodwinked, and it ain’t fiction.

  2. Hi Lee
    Most signs I ever saw was a very long road in Bristol called ” Coronation Road ” Every 3 or 4 story house had had Card in window 1958
    Stating no Blacks ; No Irish & No Dogs……. Could understand the Dogs & Irish who were heavy drinkers but did not understand No Blacks : But nobody considered or had heard of the Racist word. Just accepted it was Landladies choice who she had in her house.
    Even I had couple landladies tell me once been there while, she had thought about taking me in as a Teddy Boy. But pleased she had !!!
    It was & should still be up to each owner who he or she takes in her house as Lodger. Without fear of being called Racist because they are not. Shops, Public Houses, Restaurants all are allowed to refuse to serve someone acting in way to upset others using the premises
    The UK TeddyBoy

  3. Interesting article – particularly the fourth paragraph. Leapy’s claims about blacks never having seen a toilet, or experienced running water end with this breathtaking quote, “We weren’t racists; we were merely treating those around us as we found them.” Eh?
    The very essence of racism is judging people’s backgrounds, abilities and education by the colour of their skin! How can anyone be sure of their assumptions without at least allowing them to speak? A sign saying “No Blacks” means the person who made the sign has already judged people merely by the colour of their skin regardless of their educational attainment or abilities and won’t even allow them to knock on the door! A sign saying “No Irish” means I’ll turn you away even if you’re George Bernard Shaw, Jonathan Swift, W. B. Yeats or Samuel Beckett. It’s as racist as it gets!
    Then, later in the same article Leapy writes, “Believe me, we were never the racists. Generally we welcomed those from different societies.” Please forgive me, but “No Blacks… No Irish” is a helluva funny welcome! It’s as if Leapy has forgotten what he has already written halfway through his own essay and doesn’t realise he has just contradicted himself.
    Selective memory is a wonderful thing for selective people. Has Leapy also forgotten about Windrush? Has he forgotten about the implications of his support for Tommy Robinson? What else has he conveniently forgotten about?
    I’m sorry, but his article is self-contradictory nonsense from start to finish – not to mention utterly racist in both intent and substance no matter how thinly disguised.

  4. I thought the bottom of muck raking reportage had been reached already but this one tops the lot. Sections of the British public have had a xenophobic racist viewpoint since time immemorial. This view of the Irish has been proffered since before Cromwell’s invasion. Treating them as scum of the earth has given these same UK bigots a moral smug self satisfaction, thereby excusing themselves from the ghastly injustices and cruelties visited upon these unfortunate souls for centuries now. The same can be certainly said for members of the countries invaded, stripped of national assets and forced into serfdom or slavery to prop up one of the worst Empires in the history of mankind. Leapy Lee has attempted to degrade these same people further by presenting a sanitized version of the truth and in so doing tries to excuse the blatent racist attitudes of post war UK by suggesting that it was the immigrants who brought the discrimination down upon their own heads. He suggests that the Irish were refused rental housing because they were all labourers and made too much noise. He suggests that Caribean immigrants didn’t know how to use a toilet. What absolute rubbish. The major Jamaican immigration occurred post war in the 50’s and 60’s. Jamaicans had been encouraged to come to UK because of a severe labour shortage post war. A good number of them had served in the UK armed forces and fought with distinction in both world wars. It is a matter of record, easily researched, that they experienced gross victimization from British white nationals from the moment they arrived and have suffered the same in the decades since. They have recently been threatened with and, in fact, some have been deported back to their original islands by an increasingly vile Government policy. A number of these unfortunate subjects are being told to get out for minor infractions such as failing to register when they first arrived some 50 or 60 years ago. These are people who settled in the UK and despite the worst efforts of their racist opponents, managed to make a life, raise families, hold lifetime jobs and pay taxes. Mr Lee complains that he felt unwelcome in a pub somewhere and that this is evidence that it is indeed the immigrants who are racist and that the British are not. “Believe me, we were never the racists. Generally we welcomed those from different societies. We never envisaged that our liberal attitude would in later years bring the threat of other religions and cultures trying to alter our whole way of life and democratic liberty. No wonder the UK is now infested with racist views.” Have you forgotten or are you simply blind to the well documented ongoing racist violence perpetrated against coloured people and other immigrants not just in the UK for decades but worldwide for centuries, either as a Government colonial policy abroad or at home by white street thugs. Maybe they had experienced enough violence and discrimination at the hands of young white racists and were concerned that you might be another one. Who knows? So, when you find yourself arguing racism with some xenophobic Brit, remember to remind them of one thing. The majority of immigrants had the best intentions in the world, but now they find themselves living in a state of fear from their experiences of some of those who would like to see them gone precisely because of the colour of their skin and their cultural attributes. What a shame.

    • Your link is beyond belief Angus. My friend is a Matron at one of the main London hospitals. . She says Muslim nurses have redesigned their uniforms so that their elbows are covered. She will not allow them on the ward as bare arms to above the elbows is common (hygienic) sense and indeed a health and safety factor. Clarification is urgently needed on hospital procedures for sure.

      • Oh shock horror – they’ve covered their elbows! How dare they?! What a scandal! Don’t people have germs on their elbows? And other areas of bare skin?

  5. I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry anymore over this man’s scribbles. I think I’ll just go to Wyoming and Montana instead for three weeks and talk to the Buffalos. I am sure I can get more sense out of them.

  6. I only got half way through Leapy’s column and thought, here we go, lets see who’s suitably outraged again and yes, its old Brian Egoson!! As usual lecturing us great, unwashed, plebs, who are obviously too thick not to share in his wonderful, utopian vision of multi ethnic harmony, where absolutely nothing ever goes wrong and its all the fault of us far right knuckle draggers. One of the programmes he helpfully suggests we watch, if we can drag ourselves away from goose stepping at NF meetings, is a BBC load of tripe that has been ripped apart by the most influential TV critic at the Sun newspaper, as being full of the usual PC, box ticking nonsense that the likes of comrade Brian and his Corbynite friends lap up with glee. Egoson’s entitled to his views but the usual patronising, smarmy, innuendos is typical of the left whom I would say have the far narrower agenda.

  7. There’s no point in engaging with someone who resorts to calling people names. It has no place in a grown up conversation and it has no effect anyway, other than to make the name-caller look a bit immature perhaps.
    So this is not a reply to Vinnie C. It is simply a statement that my argument is not with him – or anyone else for that matter. It is with Leapy Lee alone. Hence forth, I will not be engaging with any of Leapy’s fans. I stand by every word I have written. That should suffice.

  8. JW, in a nutshell, you’re dismissal of anybody that may read a newspaper other than the Guardian perfectly sums up your pompous, lofty and dismissive attitude, I was merely pointing out the article read by millions. However, I think you have shown people reading this exactly what you and the other arrogant lecturer in chief, Mr Ego are made of. Cheers. I stand by every word I have written. That will suffice. Job done.

  9. Well it would appear that, once again, the editorial staff, or at least some one at the EWN online office, has over ridden the virtual copy department and removed Leapy Lee’s latest offering. They are to be applauded for recognizing the offensive nature of his writing. He has, once again, managed to denigrate Dianne Abbott, the mayor of London and Muslims. There is nothing peaceful about Tommy Robinson, a street thug who seems to have acquired Leapy’s sympathy. He also thinks that Enoch Powell is to be respected. Fortunately Mr Robinson was handed a well deserved rejection in his attempt to get elected. As for the Eurovision contest, if the Uk offering was either Delilah, a somewhat overwrought pop ditty or, God forbid the asinine Little Arrows then of course they wouldn’t win. But who really gives a care anyway. Clarification from the staff is appreciated regards the removal of Leapy’s column.

  10. ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ may be one of the most dreadful expressions in the English language. It portrays a situation where a nation attempts to rid itself of a particular section, or sections, of its society – usually because of racial or religious intolerance. It is taking place at this very moment, even as you read your Euro Weekly News. For instance, the peaceful Rohingya people have been systematically harassed and driven from their homes in Myanmar (aka Burma) since 2015. Why? For the sake of racial and religious purity.
    Over the many years that ‘Leapy’ Lee Graham has been writing for the Euro Weekly News, it has become clear that he supports this idea of racial purity. For example, he has expressed his open admiration for the likes of the late Enoch Powell and far-right activists of today such as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (also called Tommy Robinson.) These are people who openly want to restore Britain, or rather England in particular, to a state of racial purity. Their declared intention is to remove ethnic minorities from their homes using harassment and intimidation and ultimately deport them.
    During Mr Graham’s long lifetime and mine, we have witnessed possibly the worst case of ethnic cleansing in the history of the world. This was Nazi Germany’s slaughter of some six million Jews in Hitler’s quest for fascist white supremacy and the creation of racial purity throughout Europe. Many brave Brits (and other nationalities) died fighting for freedom from such oppression.
    I appeal to the readers of this newspaper, please don’t submit to Mr Graham’s desire to revive the notion of racial purity. No doubt he would deny that is his intention, but countless articles over the years make his true purpose all too plain. Please do not let us allow history to repeat itself because of some misplaced perception of English supremacy as fostered by ‘Leapy’ Lee Graham.

  11. Mr Twit and Mr Ego seem to be rubbing their hands with glee to think they have found a weakness they can laser in on, however, they are yet again both quite wrong. If they care to do their homework they will find that, curiously, not one of the Euro columnists latest pieces have been put up on this stream yet, though they are all alive and kicking on the virtual pages and of course in the printed paper as usual.
    Poor things. Waiting patiently all week to stick the knife in and the column is late. So disappointing !!
    This should give them something to gnaw on while they wait, Vinnie?

    EuroWeekly News
    According to market research carried out by the EWN, its readers’ favourite pages are the local news pages with 98 per cent listing them as favoured. Second favourite section is letters (83 per cent) followed by Leapy Lee’s column (64.87 per cent) and other columnists ( 63.22 per cent).[14]

  12. As of 4th June 2019, 3 out of 4 of Leapy Lee’s most recent articles have not appeared on the EWN website. They appeared in the newspaper itself and of course in the digitally reproduced website version of the whole newspaper, but not in their usual place as stand alone articles. When you look at the content of the articles in the paper (which circulates only in Spain) it is obvious why they have not appeared on the website (which can of course be read throughout most of the world.)

  13. As usual Mr ‘Eager to put the boot in,’ you are grossly mistaken.
    If you look more closely you will see that all the columns can be seen here.
    I’m therefore delighted to remind you that all the ever popular, Leapy Lee columns are still alive and kicking, and as you correctly mentioned, can be read on the EWN online website throughout the world by people with perhaps a broader outlook than yours
    Specsavers perhaps?

  14. As usual Mr ‘Eager to put the boot in,’ you are grossly mistaken.
    If you look more closely you will see that all the columns can be seen here.
    I’m therefore delighted to report that the ever popular, Leapy Lee columns are still alive and kicking, and as you correctly mentioned, can be read on the EWN website online throughout the world by people with perhaps a broader outlook than yours
    Specsavers perhaps?


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