COSTA DEL SOL: One of the most expensive destinations for holiday rentals this summer in Spain

SKY HIGH: The Costa del Sol has been ranked as the third most expensive holiday destination. Photo: Shutterstock

HOLIDAY rentals on the Costa del Sol have increased by 13 per cent in comparison to last summer, according to a report by Spain-Holiday.

The platform, which has around 18,000 holiday homes on offer and rakes in around €2.2 million per year, has announced that the Costa del Sol is one of the locations that sees the highest increase in holiday rent prices from one summer to the next.

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To rent a holiday home for four people on the Costa del Sol for the first two weeks of August could reach €1.090 compared to last year’s average of €945.

According to the report, the average price for August rentals on the Costa Blanca is €972, €745 on the Costa Calida, €855 on the Costa de Almeria and €806 on the Costa Tropical.

The Costa del Sol has been ranked as the third most expensive holiday destination, behind Costa Dorada and Costa de la Luz (ranked in first position).

The Spain-Holiday platform highlighted that the Costa del Sol is one of the most popular destinations among national and international tourists due to its ever-growing tourism sector and excellent climate and beaches.


  1. Tourism will go down, then the hoteliers will complain and put their prices up and the law of unintended consequences will take over.
    Hoteliers lobbied for ‘control’ over holiday lets, adding to landlord’s costs for A/C, registration, management etc, then they complain about reduced numbers of tourists.

  2. I do not suppose for an instant that the increased prices for rental have any relation to the landlord’s increased costs for compliance with the new rules.
    Higher prices, fewer rentals, less money into the local economy, consequences of regulations.
    More money levied by tax to the benefit of whom?


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