Spain says Gibraltar is under ‘illegal occupation’ by the British

Gibraltar ready for Brexit CREDIT: Shutterstock

SPAIN’S Foreign Ministry said Britain’s control of Gibraltar amounts to an ‘illegal occupation’ as representatives from Madrid presented their case on the enclave to the UN.

Foreign Ministry officials said the British enclave was a colony within its own borders and said its ongoing ‘occupation’ raises issues in the modern era.

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It comes as Spanish envoys travelled to Grenada to make the country’s case on the territory to the UN.

They argued Gibraltar was different others on the UN list of non-self governing territories because the principle of self-determination is often applied there. Almost 99 per cent of its voters rejected sharing sovereignty with Spain in a 2002 referendum.

The UN meeting was also attended by Gibraltar Employment Minister Joe Bossano. He said UN resolutions did not cover retroactively applying a sovereignty claim which dates from three centuries ago.

It comes as Spain recently got the EU to refer to Gibraltar as a colony in a document covering post-Brexit visa arrangements.

A spokesperson for British Prime Minister Theresa May said at the time that the use of the term in relation to the enclave was ‘unacceptable’.

Spain has claimed Gibraltar since the enclave was seceded to Britain under the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 following the War of the Spanish Succession.


    • I agree with you, PM, as far as your brief statement goes. There has always been something a bit odd about Spanish officials constantly complaining about the British occupation of Gibraltar while Spain occupies the likes of Ceuta in what should really be Moroccan territory. It is no coincidence that both occupied territories face each other across the narrow entrance to the Mediterranean from the Atlantic. The (somewhat outdated) military implications are obvious.
      I have been to both Gibraltar and Ceuta (the latter as a stepping off point on an overland journey to the Sahara.) I have seen the similarities with my own eyes. They are both very small, very overcrowded places that most people would never want to live in unless they had to (say for employment or financial reasons, being in the military, or whatever.) They are both hangovers from past days of colonial empires and outdated military strategies in this nuclear age. I believe that all such territories ought to be returned to their natural ownership. They no longer serve any useful military purpose in modern times.

  1. Ha Ha, Spain complains AGAIN ? Under dictator Franco also. It saved then thousands of lives during the war (hate wars) and it it and will stay British. Spain has other problems with the Catalonia and Basques regions and has been tricked in the euro which meant it’s demise. Before Spanish people where happy with their peseta, now everything is down the drain. The stupid Euro has meant nothing, only to bring prices up and means Spanish youngsters have little to no chance to get a simple flat ?.Did you know that France didn’t meet the standards for ‘entering’ the stupid euro in the first place ? – look it up – and shut up about Gibraltar – that is safe British territory.


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