Spain’s water reserves at lowest levels for ELEVEN years with some areas at only 30% capacity

LESS RAIN IN SPAIN: Drought in the Entrepenas reservoir, in Guadalajara, Castilla.. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

DESPITE the threat of heavy rain spoiling many Easter week processions in Spain this week newly-released data shows that the country’s national water reserves are at just 57 per cent of capacity.

The figures show the Spring level of 32,388 hm3 of water in the reservoirs has not been so low since 2008.

In comparison for the same period last year the reserve was 68 per cent of the total capacity.


Data shows that the northern regions of the peninsula have enjoyed plentiful rainfall through the winter and levels are now between 60 – 90 per cent.
But the worst figures are from reservoirs in the south of the country with Jucar and Segura are just 37.6 per cent and 30.3 per cent respectively.

The hydrological year, which began on October 1, has seen 14 per cent less rainfall than usual according to data from state national Met Office AEMET.

However, torrential rain and thunderstorms are forecast across many parts of the mainland from today (Thursday) while will likely force the cancellation of many Semana Santa processions but see the reservoir levels improve.

SPRING 2019: Spain’s water reservoir levels



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