Pope Francis criticises war, capitalism and anti-migrant attitudes in Spanish media interview

SPEAKING OUT: Pope Francis said capitalism was “savage”. CREDIT: Shutterstock

POPE FRANCIS has spoken out about Civil War mass graves, the treatment of migrants and the affect of capitalism on Spain’s economy and society in a recent Spanish media interview.

The Pontiff said those buried in mass graves had the right to a proper burial. He compared the situation in Spain to his home country of Argentina where 30,000 people remain unaccounted for.

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“Society cannot smile into the future while its dead remain hidden,” Pope Francis said.

Pope Francis also discussed migration and called for Spanish society to be more accepting of those coming to the country.

“If you build walls between people then you end up becoming a prisoner of your own structures,” he said.

The head of the Catholic Church laid the blame for Spain’s social ills squarely at the door of capitalism, which he branded “savage”.

“The world of finance creates wars for the possession of wealth, be they national or international,” Pope Francis said.

The pontiff added Spanish politicians had “no right” to talk about peace while continuing to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia which is currently fighting in the Yemen Civil War.

Pope Francis said he continued to encourage victims of the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandal to report allegations to the police.

The pontiff added he had not yet achieved his objective of improving the lot of women in the church.



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