Can they make Town Hall act?

TOWN HALL: Can they make Town Hall act? Photo: Shutterstock


I live on a small urbanisation. The plot of land next to me was bought two years ago by a local pool constructor. We were told he was going to build a house. But he has only used the plot to store his skips and palettes, even JCBs and lorries. His workers use it from around 7.30 a.m. until evening, picking up and depositing equipment. The Town Hall told us a year ago that his actions were illegal as the land was only for a residential property. The municipal architect assured us that they would order its clearance within ten days. However, nothing has been done. I am writing this on behalf of my neighbours also. Can you shed some light on this?

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You have acted correctly in reporting an infraction of the zoning regulations, with no results. I suggest that you and your neighbours prepare a letter to the Town Hall describing the situation and have this letter registered as officially presented. At the same time, as a group, request, in writing, an interview with the Concejal de Urbanismo, the town councilor for planning.


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