Volunteers in UK and on Costa del Sol compete to clean up beaches

WASTE DISPOSAL: Volunteers are collecting waste in Fuengirola

A LOCAL group of volunteers have called for those interested to join them on a Fuengirola beach to clean up plastic waste on Saturday April 13.

Plastic Free Seas Worldwide is running two beach clean ups, one by Fuengirola’s Sohail Castle and another in Bournemouth.

They will take place at the same time, with participants competing to see who can collect the most plastic.


Sue, of Plastic Free Seas Worldwide, told Euro Weekly News the group has been cleaning beaches for around two years.

“At our last cleanup on Laguna beach we collected 1.5 tons of plastic and waste in two hours.

“We’ve got such a lovely coastline on the Costa del Sol but there’s so much rubbish on the beaches, the amount always amazes us,” Sue said.

The group’s cleanups are open to both adults and children. Volunteers teach children about what waste they can pick up and about environmental awareness in general, Sue said.

For more information visit the Plastic Free Seas Worldwide Facebook page.


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