More than 100 students and five teachers struck down by mystery illness at college in Spain

SPANISH SCHOOL MYSTERY ILLNESS: Experts could not find anything that was "cause for alarm.". File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

STUDENTS from a college in Spain have needed hospital treatment after suffering from episodes of ‘acute vomiting’ from unknown causes – and five teachers were also affected.

Around 120 students from the school in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid were affected with many needing treatment to control dehydration from the mystery ‘poisoning’.

The vomiting attacks happened over a two-day period.


A school spokesperson said the reason for the ‘intoxication’ is unknown: “We do not know what has happened.”

He confirmed that some of the children had to be hospitalised but said all are home now except one child who is still admitted.

The company that runs the dining room service in the school activated the health protocol for such situations.

The school also alerted the town hall health inspection service and the Comunidad of Madrid but specialists could not find anything that was “cause for alarm.”

The school has reopened but some pupils have been kept away because of “uncertainty” and “lack of information” about the cause of the vomiting outbreak.

Bottled water has been distributed at the college although the inspection by the town hall of Pozuelo ‘guaranteed’ that the poisoning had not been caused by water.



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