Leader of political party claims Spain should build Trump-style wall to halt wave of illegal immigrants

CEUTA: Abascal wants Spanish enclaves in North Africa protected by walls. Photo: Shutterstock

THE leader of the ultra-right Vox party has claimed Spain should build physical walls at the land borders of Spanish enclaves in Morocco.

Santiago Abascal told Spanish media he wants the barriers to halt the, “wave of illegal immigrants,” and believes Morocco should foot the bill.

Echoing the sentiments of Donal Trump about America’s border with Mexico, Abascal also claimed Spanish soldiers should be given, “the necessary orders,” to patrol and defend borders in Ceuta and Melilla until a wall is built.


The 42-year-old politician from the Basque Country, said wants to see new laws prevent charities from rescuing migrants at sea as they try to cross over to Spain from North Africa.  Abascal also added: “[Another] big wall that we should be building is a psychological one and consists of informing immigrants that those who enter illegally in Europe will never be able to regularise their situation nor will they have the right to stay, nor will they have social assistance, nor will they be given a health card.”


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