Spain-bound ‘demon’ flight passenger has fizzy soft drink ‘meltdown’

'DEMON' PASSENGER: Woman was on flight heading to Spain's Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport. Photo credits: Shutterstock

A WOMAN on a flight heading to Spain’s Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport allegedly went ballistic after crew refused to serve her a popular cola drink.

Other passengers claimed that the woman, on a 90-minute TAP Air flight from Lisbon in Portugal, was taking swigs from a hip flask and demanding to be served a Pepsi to accompany it.

The unidentified woman, speaking in Spanish, allegedly became outraged when the crew informed her they would only be serving fruit juice on the flight.


One passenger told the Daily Mail: “She looked like a demon. She was the worst passenger I have ever seen on an airline, and I fly quite a lot.”

The incident supposedly followed an earlier incident when the woman got into an argument with the cabin crew about putting her bag in the cargo hold.

Authorities met the plane when it landed at Malaga and the woman was escorted from the aircraft by Guardia Civil police officers.


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