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LAST Monday morning, 8am found me blearily wending my way to the local medical centre.

As I’m sure many of you are aware, this is the ungodly hour allocated in Spain to those who require their blood to be presented for examination.

Well, cutting a long one extremely short, less than an hour later found me in the emergency room at Son Espasses Hospital! After a series of tests, including a cat scan, I was firmly informed I would need immediate hospitalisation – or I was in danger of expiring! Happy Monday everyone!

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Luckily I was in great hands. The treatment was first class. The surroundings (single ensuite room with all mod cons and panoramic views!) couldn’t be faulted. After four days of being utterly spoiled, I was released with a supply of antibiotics and a cheery ‘hasta luego’.

As I’ve seen the inside of a few London hospitals this winter, it was impossible not to compare the different environments. One of the most striking was the general atmosphere.

Whereas the larger British hospitals are somewhat austere and the staff in the main a bit stiff and distant, their Spanish equivalents could not have been more different. The merry banter as they go about their duties is not only infectious but truly heart lifting.

They are like one big happy family, exuding a genuine impression that they truly do enjoy their chosen profession. And do you know the reason for this positive gulf of difference between them and their British counterparts?

Leapy has worked it out. From the surgeons and doctors, to the nurses, administration and cleaning staff, they are practically all of Spanish origin. Consequently they have the same things in common. Holidays, religions, family units and culture. All combined to make them feel secure and contented with their way of life.

The British on the other hand are splintered segregated and confused. Despite the ads on TV that increasingly show mixed marriages and a happy integrated society, it is simply not the case. It’s like fake news.

In my opinion there is no mass integration in the diversity of British society. And nowhere is the actual truth more apparent than in large UK Hospitals. To me they reflect the true state of Britain today.

Staff of different colours, creeds, nationalities with a variety of languages, all performing their duties in an aura of separateness.

Not only is mass immigration not working, it is actually eroding the British way of life to a point where it will no longer exist. Thank God I live in Spain. And thank you Son Espasses for simply being there.                                             

Keep the faith

Love Leapy      

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  1. So according to Leapy all the problems with NHS attitudes are due to British hospitals being staffed by immigrants. This is surely the most clueless statement he’s ever made and that’s saying something. No mention of how overworked, underpaid and totally stressed-out doctors and nurses are in the NHS. No mention of the extra long hours – often working 12 or more in a single shift. No mention of the chronic understaffing and underfunding caused by British government policies. No mention of any of the real reasons why things are so bad. Just his usual narrow mantra against immigrants.
    I too have been a patient in Spanish hospitals in recent months and I agree that the staff are excellent in every respect. However, unlike Leapy, I can see the real reasons why the Spanish hospitals are so good. They’re not perfect of course. Nothing is perfect, but the pay and conditions are better, the hours are shorter and the medical facilities are first class. It’s quite sad really that Leapy seems unable to open his mind to anything beyond his own narrow prejudices and it really is high time he did something about this ridiculous obsession with immigrants.

      • Thank you Jonathan. I do sometimes wonder if it’s just you and me and one or two others against the juggernaut that is the Leapy Lee propaganda machine! What interests me currently though is that the juggernaut is finally running out of steam. The relative silence of his former fan base compared with previous years indicates that they are quietly evaporating. It’s as if everyone but Leapy himself has realised the match is over, the crowd has gone home, the players have left the building and he is alone on the pitch stamping his feet and shaking his fist at an empty stadium. Quite sad really. All those own-goals that he scored over the years are just a memory now. Nevertheless, since it’s April Fool’s Day today, I’m going to predict he’s still got a few more up his sleeve. I expect him to blame climate change on immigrants and hold the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, responsible for earthquakes and snow storms!

  2. Spot on Leapy. The response from the tiresome usuals was thoroughly expected. You keep telling it as it is, whilst they keep looking through misty eyed “red” tinted spectacles ignoring the blindingly obvious problems endured by the MAJORITY of fed up Brits.

    • Dear Vinnie C. You say people like me “keep looking through misty eyed red tinted spectacles” simply because we disapprove of some of the shortcomings in Leapy’s opinions. May I ask if you actually read my original comment properly? If you had, you would have seen that I agree there are noticeable differences between NHS staff and Spanish health service staff. Where I differ from Leapy is regarding the reasons behind these differences. He simply blames the immigrants among NHS staff, conveniently (for him) ignoring the fact that their mere presence in the NHS is saving it from complete collapse! He also ignores the true reasons for the differences between the two country’s health systems (which I have already pointed out.) This is because he seeks to blame immigrants over indigenous Brits whenever he gets the chance. That’s his mantra. Something’s wrong? Must be the fault of the immigrants. That’s what’s REALLY “tiresome” as you put it. Please remember he writes his weekly column in the first place. He makes the original accusations. I just respond occasionally, countering his half-truths and deceptions with the whole truth.
      Now regarding your use of the term “red tinted” I am in fact a centrist who dislikes extreme left wing views as much as I dislike extreme right wing ones. Nobody in their right mind could describe me as “red tinted”. To do so would be frankly untrue. I hope this has served to straighten out your misunderstanding.

  3. Well said Vinnie.
    I really do wonder why on earth the usual suspects take such trouble to read Leapy’s column if they cannot agree with a single word he says? Green spectacles perhaps?
    Delighted to see that your positive comment was published in the main paper last week.

    • Dear Erica P. I think you really know why we “take such trouble” as you put it. It’s because nobody else does. The silent majority read Leapy’s opinions without bothering to question them. That doesn’t mean they’re right. Let’s look at your own comment for example. It fully implies that you support Leapy’s opinion which is that all the low morale among NHS staff is entirely due to so many of them being immigrants. Do you really believe that? Do you not accept that NHS staff are enormously overworked, underpaid and under resourced by comparison with the Spanish health system? Do you not understand the effect it would have on you, working for more than 12 hours at a stretch in such a pressurised environment year after year? Would you rather accept Leapy’s narrow bias against immigrants instead of the actual truth? Namely that NHS staff are stressed out by the appalling conditions they work in? That’s why they are so miserable Erica. It has nothing to do with so many of them being immigrants for goodness sake!
      Since writing my original comment I have been back in a Spanish A & E after a very nasty fall at home. The ambulance crew were absolutely amazing. They were aware of my previous heart attack and ongoing medical condition. The organisation at the hospital was fast and professional. I was X-rayed immediately to check for any broken ribs. All the appropriate tests were completed within minutes and the results were made available to the consultant who dealt with me. She was under no pressure because there were no less than 7 other consultants dealing with the rest of the patients at the time. All 8 consultants had their own separate consulting rooms for total privacy. I was put under observation and treated with unfailing courtesy and kindness from the Spanish health staff – just like Leapy. But unlike Leapy my eyes are wide open. Unlike Leapy I do not suffer from any prejudice against my fellow human beings just because they were born in a different country from the one they work in. Now do you see why I “take such trouble”?

  4. I gather that your home is in Spain. How come then that you are such an authority on English hospitals, Brian? I live in the UK and find Leapy’s observations on his personal experience here, succinct and true. His comparison between a culture that is fortunate enough to not have been infiltrated in great numbers by others’ ways of life and customs, and suffocating political correctness, with one that is laboring, (along with our schools) to cope with the huge extra load that has occurred in recent years, is accurate and astute. We cannot speak of these things here, but Leapy can. It is sad that you always seem to find the negative in what he says though I was surprised to note that you agreed with him on the sunny atmosphere in the Spanish wards.
    I wish you well and hope your health improves.

    • Oh, Erica. Do you seriously think I would write such things without having detailed first-hand knowledge? I have been a patient in UK hospitals on more occasions than I care to remember, from childhood in the 1950s for a tonsillectomy right up to the present day. (I do visit the UK, especially when friends and family are ill – in hospital.) I have also been at the bedsides of my mother and father who both died while in hospital. I have visited countless relatives and friends in hospital. I have seen with my own eyes what UK hospitals are like right up until I moved to Spain in 2012 – for the sake of my health! My daughter works in the NHS. She gave birth in an NHS hospital. My wife was in hospital after being involved in a car crash. She had a fall on the stairs and is now in a wheelchair. Shall I continue? Believe me Erica, I know what I’m talking about. I disagree wholeheartedly with Leapy’s naive, biased, narrow-minded conclusion because he’s simply wrong.
      I would dearly love to share your apparent faith in Leapy Lee – I really would – but I can’t. Your evident belief that only he knows the answers and other people don’t is really quite remarkable. However I make up my own mind about things. I don’t like someone else doing it for me.

    • well said Erica P, its easy to comment from afar when you do not have to suffer. In fact, that’s exactly what our politicians do.

  5. I thought you lived in Scotland? Things have changed drastically since 2012 in the UK by the way Brian. Leapy gives his opinion on things which the vast majority of other intelligent readers, including me, most often agree with. Not always, but he doesn’t insist he’s right and no one else is. That’s what you do. He is also endearingly funny – which you are not. Keep singing!

    • I do wish you would read in full what I write Erica. Did you see my bit about “right up to the present day”? No? Thought not. I do travel you know. I don’t just stay in one place all the time. How much of the world have you seen at first hand? I’ve been around – definitely much more than Leapy. Travel broadens the mind in my case. I see one world, the only one we’ve got. I see one human race, the only one we’ve got. Leapy sees only what his prejudice dictates to him. Saudi Arabia must have been a big disappointment for him, eh?. It’s certainly influenced his whole life ever since. Try asking yourself Erica, why would someone who hates Muslims go and live in a Muslim country? Money! That’s why. Except something went wrong for him. It always does.
      As for being funny. Just look at a few of my other comments elsewhere. And if you want a really good laugh try reading Mike Senker’s column or Barry Duke’s. But I guess you would rather stick with the devil you know? Happy to continue with this as long as you like by the way…

  6. This is not a competition as to who has travelled the most, Brian, but about differing opinions. It is becoming clear that you will not tolerate a different view than that of your own so you have now turned to bullying and slanderous remarks about Leapy rather than accept another view. Leapy does not “hate Muslims”. That is a ridiculous and untrue statement. And you are completely wrong about Saudi. According to his autobiography, he loved his time there and lived as one of them happily for several years gaining an insight that you clearly have not. He has a broad outlook on what is happening in this country, in France, in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, one that we are all concerned about, but not permitted to speak of.
    It is you, for some inexplicable reason, who “hate” Leapy, and it is clear to all that you try to to find fault with everything he says and put him down with personal attacks at every opportunity.
    I have neither the time nor the wish to continue this conversation, nor to hear your last word which you will now undoubtably have.
    For goodness sake, if he bothers you so much, why not read the Times or The Guardian rather than Leapy’s column which so many thousands of readers enjoy for his refreshing and entertaining attitude to the many problems that beset us all

    • Dear Erica,
      You are perfectly entitled to defend Leapy as much as you like. It’s a free country and freedom of speech is a central human right. However my right to criticise Leapy is just as valid as your right to defend him. I think perhaps we should leave it at that if only to stop clogging up the Euro Weekly News server’s hard drives! Hee, hee.
      Ps. I do read the Times and The Guardian – all the time, so I have no idea why you seem to think I don’t. Just goes to show how little you know about me. And it does not bother me reading Leapy’s column at all. He usually gives me a good laugh! Probably not intentionally though. 😉

  7. Dear Brian
    I have, of course, absolutely no problem with yours or anyone else’s intelligent criticism of Leapy’s views. That’s what his column is all about. It is healthy and, indeed, as a controversial writer, he appears to welcome it.
    But when is is sullied with contemptuous, sarcastic and slanderous personal attacks that you and the Canadian fellow regularly dish out, that I find it offensive. Can you not just put your view forward without the usual red/green misty eyed digs. Even your last sentence is a sneer! You would be taken much more seriously if you did.

    • Erica, I am at a loss to understand why you persist in taking offence where none is intended. My argument is with Leapy – not you. You choose to defend him. I choose to criticise him – mostly but not always. All I did was respond to you truthfully. I read Leapy’s column partly because I often find it amusing. If I had denied that, I would have been lying to you! So I just told you the truth. For example, I laughed out loud at a recent article where he claimed to be a member of a Christian cult which believes they can have 2 way conversations with ghosts! That’s what Spiritualists believe. (He claimed to have been a Spiritualist since he saw a ghost when he was a small child.) Also, I thought Christians were supposed to be all about love thy neighbour etc. Well, it’s a funny sort of Christian who preaches far-right intolerance of people just because they’re Muslims or gets a prison sentence for violence.
      Incidentally while you have been engaged in this lengthy conversation Leapy has published a few more articles. One of them was actually removed from the EWN website because there were so many complaints! So Jonathan and I are not alone. Just check the editorial comments about their decision re the complaints if you don’t believe me. I have written elsewhere that Leapy is risking losing respect. The facts support my statement.
      I now consider that there is no useful purpose in continuing with this conversation Erica. There is no point in it any longer. Let us agree to disagree and leave it at that. Goodbye.

  8. Leapy, I had an annual blood test in UK with similar results. The response, “we need another test urgently, earliest booking is another month”?, if you’re still breathing, if not, problem solved. This is the sad state of the NHS in the UK.


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