Charities claim Spain earns €20 per second selling weapons to Saudi Arabian coalition

Additional €119 million in humanitarian aid for Yemen
More than 60,000 people have reportedly died in Yemen’s conflict. Image: Shutterstock

A GROUP of charities stated that Spain earns €20 every second selling weapons to the Saudi Arabian coalition bombing Yemen.

Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Oxfam International, FundiPau, and Save the Children have put together a campaign asking Spain’s politicians to suspend arms exports to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The campaign, ElContadorDeLaVerguenza (the shame counter), sees a counter record two figures; the number of weapons sales authorised by Spain to the Saudi coalition, and the number of deaths in the crisis in Yemen. At the time of writing, the figures stood at more than €2 billion and 60,218 deaths; the equivalent of one person every 25 minutes.


The campaign’s coordinator, Alberto Estevez, said: “Today marks the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the bombings in the armed conflict in Yemen and we want to create this shame counter to show the magnitude of this barbarism.”


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