WATCH: Spain’s King Felipe stuck on plane for an HOUR after embarrassing airport mishap

STEPS: The royal couple were stuck on their plane for more than an hour. Photo credit: YouTube / La Vanguardia

THE King and Queen of Spain were stuck on their plane for more than an hour after landing in Argentina on an official foreign trip.

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia were left stranded on the aircraft after Buenos Aires airport staff were unable to find the right sized steps to allow them to depart the plane.


The set of steps that was originally offered up to the Airbus aircraft could not reach the main door so officials had to scurry around to find a replacement set while the welcome party waited patiently on the tarmac.

It is reported by Spain’s La Vanguardia newspaper that it was even proposed to redirect the plane to another airport in the Argentinian capital, but eventually the right steps were found.

The royal couple are on a four-day goodwill visit to the country.


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