LOCKING HORNS: Bullfight club and town hall dispute could go to court

MAYOR: "The town hall has not banned bullfights". File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

CONFLICT continues between the Verdes party which controls Villena town hall and the Peña Taurina bullfight enthusiasts’ club.

The town hall, which has formerly refused to allow the Peña to use the municipally-owned bullring, again rejected an application to use it next month.

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The Peña could take legal action, claiming that unless Villena’s mayor Javier Esquembre gave way, they would go to the penal courts.

Although the town hall has allowed the bullring to be used for concerts it is not adequate for the type of event that the Peña is planning, Esquembre argued, and would breach health and safety regulations.

The town hall has not banned bullfights as it is not competent to do this, Esquembre said. 

“But the town hall is entitled to decide whether or not to allow the bullring to be used for an event.


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