Volunteers collect 60 kilos of rubbish in Palma beach clean-up

BEACH RUBBISH: Volunteers join major clear up initiative. Photo credit: Facebook / Asociacion Ondine

MORE than 150 volunteers collected almost 60 kilos of rubbish from Ciutat Jardi beach in Palma.

A spokesperson from Asociacion Ondine, which set up the clear up operation, said: “Every month we organise a beach clean somewhere around Mallorca.

“We would like to thank all the volunteers who joined us on Sunday, the Danish school Roskilde Katedralskole for their participation and donation to our work, DonDobbin and Frimpfria Zoner for their collaboration in collecting cigarette butts, and last but not least, El Peñon for inviting the Ondine team for lunch.


“Stay tuned (to the Facebook page) if you want to join our coming beach cleans, as we will soon be publishing more information about the next one.”

The association’s beach clean-up programme is not confined to collecting rubbish. It is also about raising awareness about the scale of the problem caused by plastics which are discarded and then end up in the sea.

Following the collection, the plastic items are classified according to how they need to be treated in accordance with Ondine principles of reuse and recycling where possible.

But ultimately, the association would like to see the purchase of plastics avoided in the first place.

Last year, Ondine collected around a tonne of plastic waste.


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