No ‘promised’ AP-7 toll reduction means drivers must continue to pay full whack

AP-7: No toll reductions for Alicante. Photo credit: Phillip Capper

THE latest Cabinet Meeting revealed that there would be no AP-7 toll reductions for Alicante province.

In addition to the lower tolls already enjoyed by Cataluña, Spain’s Hacienda tax authority agreed that they could be slashed for heavy vehicles in Castellon on the 25-kilometre Peñiscola-Torreblanca section.

Despite earlier assurances, Public Works minister Jose Luis Abalos, a Valenciano, excluded most of the Valencia region although reductions were voted through by the national parliament last October.


In the Marina Alta and La Safor where Benissa and Oliva still lack bypasses these would have been applied to smaller vehicles as well as lorries.

Compromis spokesman complained that not applying the same reductions as Cataluña’s made a mockery of the Valencia region.

“This measure is discriminatory, unjust and illogical because the Valencian Community has the same problems as Cataluña in this respect,” Mulet declared.


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