VIEWER DISCRETION: Bullfighter seriously gored during major festival in Spain

GORED: Bullfighter Enrique Ponce at the Valencia festival. Photo credits: Twitter / @bravura_taurina / @elmundodel_toro

ONE of Spain’s top bullfighters was seriously injured yesterday (Monday) during a major festival in Valencia.

Enrique Ponce was gored in the thigh by the fifth bull of the afternoon during the Fallas fair in the city.

The matador also suffered an injury to his knee and was carried bleeding from the ring before being rushed to hospital.


  1. I was waiting for the inevitable comments from Brits – “bravo bull” and so on. How appropriate the first is all in Caps.

    With everything going on worldwide don’t you think you should be denouncing more important things? Climate change, terrorism, gender violence, genocide, nuclear proliferation, to name a few?


  2. Jim Edward animal welfare and cruelty are important issues to many of us……compassion to all living creatures is the mark of a civilised society. The idea that some lives matter less is flawed and in the words of Richard Attenborough “Humans need to take a step back and realise that animals have as much right to be here as we do”.


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