Alleged drugs smuggler in Spain goes into hiding claiming police pressure prevents him leading ‘normal life’

Man Throws Almost 12 Kilos Of Hashish From The Car And Flees
Man Throws Almost 12 Kilos Of Hashish From The Car And Flees. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

ONE of the largest suspected drug traffickers in the Campo de Gibraltar in the south of Spain has announced he is to disappear “for a while” blaming police pressure for making his life unbearable.

Abdellah El Haj, dubbed the “Messi of Hashish”, has been on remand accused of drug trafficking, money laundering and membership of an organised gang since November 2017 on €80,000 bail and obliged to report to court on a daily basis.

But he has not apppeared for several days and has sent a letter to Europa Sur newspaper moaning about the close attention he has been receiving from police.


In it he said: “I communicate my decision to disappear for a while, because I am truly afraid for my integrity and that of my family. All this is due to the enormous police pressure to which I am being subjected, which in recent times has become unbearable, preventing me from leading a normal life.”

He added that his family was harassed and his emotional stability had seriously deteriorated and that he needs medical help.

Police are now searching for Abdellah, and he will be brought before the court on his apprehension.



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