ANIMAL CRUELTY CLAIMS: Mijas council and donkey owners to meet

MIJAS DONKEY TAXIS: Concerns for their welfare. CREDIT: Pacma

AFTER the Euro Weekly News highlighted the potential problem of cruelty towards Mijas donkey taxis, new town councillor for the area is meeting with the animals’ owners.

Mandy Ayuso joined Ayuntamiento de Mijas earlier in the month, and part of her responsibilities will be to ensure the wellbeing of the donkeys.

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After being approached by EWN following reports of animal abuse, she has now organised a meeting to see how the donkeys can be best protected.

A council spokesperson said: “Mandy is new to the role and wants to find out as much as she can from the farmers and owners so that she can address any issues knowing the whole situation.”

The plight of the Mijas Donkey Taxis again came to light after a number of concerned residents and tourists contacted the press with photographs of allegedly mistreated animals.

The EWN received a photograph from a concerned visitor to Mijas Pueblo of donkeys tied so close to railings they can hardly move.

Lesley Armatage: “I have just visited Mijas. It’s a beautiful place but I was appalled at the donkeys tied up. They could hardly move their heads. They had no water and they were standing in the same place for hours. Utter disgrace. This is total animal cruelty.”

The use of Donkey Taxis in the picturesque town has led to growing online criticism of the town hall for “allowing it to happen”.

A member of Mijas Pueblo Animal Cruelty posted on its site: “Just another day destroyed for a visitor in Mijas Pueblo, they used to arrive happy but the majority of them leave the village with tears in their eyes after having seen the donkeys and horses.

“It is sad to see how a town hall can destroy a village like this by greed.”

The remarks follow a post on the Benalmadena Social site by a member of the organisation.

It read: “Not a nice end to a lovely day. It’s atrocious how these little donkeys are treated, the man pulled one so hard by its rope to tie it up it cracked it’s head on the barrier.

“Its nose has been rubbed by a tight harness so much that its skin has developed a flap which is hairless and burnt with the sun. Being a horse owner I find this absolutely sickening and as beautiful as Mijas is, I will not be returning.”

In the past the town hall brought in new regulations to monitor and improve animal welfare, such as a minimum length for ropes securing the donkeys, but Mijas Pueblo Animal Cruelty maintains there have been no changes.


  1. We last visited Mijas several years ago and have not returned after we were so shocked and upset at the disgusting treatment of the poor donkeys. Having read some months ago that action was at last being taken to improve their lot, we have booked a holiday near Mijas Pueblo for July this year. Please, please keep the pressure up to help these poor animals. Ideally, the whole wretched business would stop, but we realise that people’s livelihoods are at stake, so at least persuade the owners to show some compassion and treat their donkeys in a responsible way. As for the tourists, they must bear some responsibility; there is absolutely no need to use donkeys to see the beautiful village, maybe they could be kept just for a novelty ride for small children.

  2. They say things will change and nothing ever does. The mafia that control the donkey’s make too much money as it is now, why should they change and pay out to improve the conditions of their animals? They sleep in small houses in the village standing up in all their tack, its cheap and it would mean putting their hands in their own pockets to sort the problem, because the town hall won’t give them anything.
    The hooves were supposed to be checked by a vet periodically, but the state of their hooves means probably the vet hasn’t been paid for the last visits and has stopped coming.I have lived outside the village for 15 years and other than a shaded area nothing has changed and I’m ashamed to say it, nothing will. People stop riding the donkeys and horses, stop paying money because you are the ones that can stop this cruelty, not us who live here because they don’t want to listen to us and even intimidate people that protest. ONLY YOU CAN STOP THE ABUSE!


  4. Given that the expat community is so strong in Mijas, and that combined with many Spanish animal sympathisers who are now active and growing in number, I am puzzled as to why we cannot form a strong lobby by leaflet campaigning throughout our area and push this council to take tough action. There should be a set of basic requirements for the management of the donkeys and their licenses should be ratified by town hall inspections that are guided by a committee of vecinos with proven commitment to animal welfare to ensure that the inspections are not a rubber stamp. If they don´t conform their licenses should be taken away and the donkeys impounded and removed to a sanctuary. In addition, the leaflet campaign should cover dogs, cats and horses, with stray dogs and cats guaranteed their welfare through a no kill shelter policy and a comprehensive and permanent TNR programme supported easily by a small top up on our tax bill. If we care about animals we should be prepared to pay something for it. Animal charities like Aristochat and the dog charities should get subvenciones from the council so they can keep up their work.

  5. I have tweeted their plight on my twotter page. I will never go back to Mijas because of the ill treatment of the donkeys and horses. Maybe I will go back, to see them freed and rescued.
    It is incredibly sad. Hate the way they treat bulls also,but that is another story 😐


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