Spanish police probe ‘brutal’ homophobic stab attack on man leaving him seriously injured

HOMOPHOBIC ATTACK: Victim was rushed to hospital with multiple stab wounds to the neck. Photo credit: Twitter: TorredembarraLGTBI

SPAIN’S National Police force is investigating a disturbing video that shows the stabbing and beating of a young man in a homophobic attack.

The shocking footage was captured in the city of Leon when the 23-year-old man suffered serious injuries before being rushed to hospital with multiple stab wounds to the neck.

Attackers pounced on the young man in Calle Conde Rebolledo in the Humedo de Leon neighbourhood in the early hours of Sunday morning.


A disturbing video of the incident was posted on the TorredembarraLGTBI Twitter page.

The video shows several young people beating the victim while he was lying on the floor with his face bloodied and practically unconscious.

Others cheer on the attackers with homophobic comments.

The victim, who suffered serious injuries, was rushed to the Hospital de Leon, but he has now been discharged.

Investigators are understood to already have some clues about the identities of the attackers and police have not ruled out the possibility that they are dealing with neo-Nazi groups.

WARNING: Disturbing video…


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