Spanish government promises workplace gender discrimination crack down

PAY INEQUALITY: A new law will crack down on gender discrimination in the workplace. Photo credit: Shutterstock

SPAIN’S cabinet has announced it will crack down on gender discrimination in the workplace.

New legislation, approved by the PSOE party, will see new father’s granted up to 16 weeks of paternity leave by 2021, while businesses will also be made to complete equal pay audits.

Politicians claimed women’s hourly earnings are 12.7 per cent lower than men’s in Spain and announced businesses will be forced to compile figures on average salary values, bonuses, and non-wage benefits by gender.


The law, which currently only applies to companies with more than 250 employees, will be adopted by those with more than 150 employees in the legislation’s first year, those with more than 100 employees in its second year, and 50 or more in the third year.

The new rules will also address issues including selection and hiring processes, as well as work conditions and sexual harassment.


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