OFF ROAD: Almost 10,000 drivers reported in ONE WEEK after ‘large vehicle’ safety clampdown in Spain

TRAFFIC OFFENCES: 10,000 drivers reported after ‘large vehicle’ safety clampdown in Spain. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

DURING the recent campaign launched by the Director General of Traffic (DGT) 72,062 large vehicles, such as lorries and buses, were stopped by police traffic patrols and 8,813 drivers reported for offences.

During the week-long campaign, 118 vehicles were so bad they were immobilised at the scene, 52 of these being trucks, and the rest vans.

In addition, 89 drivers tested positive for alcohol, 16 of these being lorry drivers, and 40 drivers were tested as positive for drugs, eight of them driving heavy goods vehicles.


There were also 126 people in lorries, 12 in buses and 517 people in vans who were reported for not using the seat belt.

And 1,044 drivers were reported for excessive speed, of which 957 were van drivers.

Despite those figures, the number one reason why drivers were reported was for driving excessive hours than permitted, of which 1,889 complaints were recorded.


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