International Women’s Day protest attendance doubles in some cities compared to 2018

Malaga's International Women's Day march. Photo credit: Frente Feminista, via Twitter

AN ESTIMATED 350,000 to 375,000 people took part in protests in Madrid to mark International Women’s Day yesterday (Friday), about double the amount recorded there last year.

Local authority estimates show the number of people protesting in the Spanish capital was up from roughly 170,000 last year.

Barcelona’s Guardia Urbana estimated that around 200,000 demonstrators rallied in the Catalan regional capital, while around 220,000 are thought to have protested in Valencia. Estimates on the amount of people protesting in Sevilla range from 50,000 to 130,000.


Trade unions estimate that between five and six million women took part in the general strike staged to coincide with the day.

A manifesto from the 8M Commission which coordinated the protests stated that protesters were seeking to secure moves towards great equality through collective action.

“We face those who make policies with contempt for women based on lies, fear, hatred and resentment,” the manifesto stated.

“We defend a way of living together and we want to do it united while strengthening our alliances with other social movements,” it added.



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