MORE FLIGHTS PLEASE!: Passengers campaign for more routes from UK to Spain

MOARCH COLLAPSE: "We lost a good chunk of services and had none over the winter" says campaign organiser Daniel Northover. Photo credits: Shutterstock / Facebook

A CAMPAIGN group has been set up to press for increased flights between UK airports and southern Spain particularly to places not served, or who have lost services especially after the collapse of Monarch.

The Facebook action group was the brainchild of Daniel Northover – a 46-year-old from Liverpool.

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He told the Euro Weekly News: “I live in Liverpool and have done for three years. When I moved here, there were regular flights to Almeria throughout the year. My mother and stepfather retired out there 14 years ago so it was ideal for visiting them.

“However, with the collapse of Monarch, we lost a good chunk of services and had none over the winter which necessitated long and costly arrangements to get there.

He went on: “We hoped that a new airline would take the routes as they always seemed well subscribed but nothing seems to have happened and no information provided about their status.

“A number of people I met wanted more flights and from additional destinations so creating a campaign seemed to be the best way of furthering that aim and at least getting answers about what is happening and if anyone is just sitting on the routes.

Daniel explained how winter trips to Almeria usually involved a great deal of inconvenience requiring a flight to Alicante, often an overnight hotel stay and a coach ride to the area he needs to get to.

“Having spoken to other passengers I know this is proving to be a problem for many people and also economically damages Almeria. Hopefully with this group we can persuade the powers that be that a route is viable and popular,” he added.

Dave Gore agreed saying: “We need flights to go into Almeria in the winter, from the Midlands.”

Barbara Chadwick chipped in: “And from Manchester.”

While Joanne Palmer said: “From Leeds too!”

And Linda Boyle added: “Need more flights from everywhere in the UK to Almeria.”

Gail Mcvey explained: “Living in Scotland, there is only one company flying to Almeria, and only from Edinbugh during the summer months. We need flights from Glasgow as well and throughout the full year. Thomas Cook used to fly from Glasgow (summer only) but withdrew the flights from October 2017. With the number of Scottish ExPats not to mention tourists there is definitely a customer base to build on.

And Julia Flett added her voice: “I’m from near Aberdeen, for me it’s Alicante. Or 3 flights from Almeria to Madrid. Madrid. London then London Aberdeen so I wish we could get direct flights from Almeria to Aberdeen.”

Daniel said: “If we can collectively approach airlines they tend to be a lot more responsive. Hopefully we can get a lot of interested people on the group we’ll get a bit of leverage!”

The Facebook page for the action group is –


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