Spain climbs to 21st spot out of 126 countries in Rule of Law Index

LEGAL RESPECT: Spain rose by two places compared to last year. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

SPAIN has ranked 21st in a new table which measured 126 countries worldwide on their respect for the rule of law.

Spain scored 0.71 out of one on the World Justice Project’s (WJP) Rule of Law Index 2019. It scored 0.7 last year and came 23rd.

Spain came behind Germany, Britain, France and one place behind the US in the ranking while coming ahead of Portugal, Italy and Greece. Denmark, Norway and Finland came first, second and third respectively.


Elizabeth Anderson, executive director of The WJP, said a global slide in checks on government power was “deeply concerning”.

The WJP said in a statement the slide suggested authoritarianism was on the rise.

The WJP surveyed some 3,800 experts and 120,000 households across the 126 countries to gather their data.

It ranked countries based on their limits to government power, the absence of corruption, open government, respect for rights, order and security, compliance with regulations and civil and criminal justice.

Spain scored highest on privacy, the lawful transition of power, the absence of corruption in the military, police and courts and the absence of crime.


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