Costa Women’s guest speaker Jo Soley will share her tips and advice during IWD conference

HOLISTIC: An approach to business is endorsed by Jo Soley. CREDIT: Jo Soley Facebook

GUEST speaker Jo Soley is a women’s business coach and planner whose emphasis is on clarity and an organised approach.

She is one of seven business women who will share their tips and advice during Costa Women’s International Women’s Day conference on March 8.

And she will explain her secret on how to attract clients and grow your business, along with the importance of Numerology and how it can elevate your business.


Jo said: “The key principles of heart-centred marketing is to ensure you gain clarity on your business, your message, your clients and of course, your marketing.

“Without clarity you will likely continue to stay stuck, feeling doubt that you can fulfil your potential and the spark of inspiration that lit your way will fade to a faint glow.”

Jo added: “My passion is to reignite creativity and sparkle. Through holistic coaching, we carefully plan and execute the steps required to move forward in your business, whilst ensuring that your individual talents and values lead the way.”

Jo went on to say: “My business is moving into a direction whereby I use the language of numbers to elevate business success. I can discover your life path number to help elevate business success.”


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