‘The Reluctant Allotmenteer’ a novel by Dave Proctor

The Reluctant Allotmenteer via Facebook

~A humorous book with a ‘feel good’ back story~

Dave’s story starts somewhat uniquely, in that Dave’s life was saved by a fictional Doctor.

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You see he had some symptoms of cancer, but like many men, he was trying to ignore them, in case it was something serious. One evening, he saw a television programme called ‘Doc Martin’ about this fictional Doctor. At one stage Martin Clunes, playing Doc Martin said the immortal words ‘No one ever died from a diagnosis.”

Dave then realised how stupid he was not to go to the Doctors. Needless to say, he went to his Doctor, cancer was subsequently diagnosed and 3 long years of treatment began. If he had delayed the treatment much longer then he strongly believes that the cancer would have spread and he would not be alive today. Indeed a friend who was having very similar treatment was not so lucky.

So Dave feels that he really owes Martin Clunes a pint, if they were ever to meet and would love to circulate the advice that men, particularly, should get to the doctors, sooner rather than later, if they suspect anything wrong, as ‘nobody died of a diagnosis’. It could save their life.

Moving forward and Dave, together with his wife, re-appraised their life, so took retirement out to La Safor, Valencia area of Spain.

Unfortunately one of the little known but common after-effects of the cancer treatment is a form of depression, closely associated with P.T.S.D.

Dave openly admits that he is now on the ‘happy pills’ but in order to cheer himself up, started writing comedy.

In the main, this self-treatment has worked and Dave manages the depression well. The writing has gone from strength to strength and his first novel ‘The Reluctant Allotmenteer’ was released on Amazon 28th February 2019. It is free on Kindle Unlimited.

The book tells the tales of Percy, a man that has an allotment, but quite simply hates gardening and is revulsed by all that wallowing in mud and manure. He does, however, love the tranquillity of the allotment away from his wife and their kids.

To celebrate the book launch, friends and life in general, Dave will be holding a party in Villalonga, Spain on 9th April 2019. Reporters and photographers are welcome to attend, or we can supply photographs if you would like them, as both Dave and his wife Karen were professional photographers. There will be a charity auction in aid of M.A.B.S.

  • ISBN-10: 1798019825
  • ISBN-13: 978-1798019825

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