FIRE TRAGEDY: Woman dies in Benidorm house blaze

DESTRUCTION: The victim was overcome by smoke.

A woman, said to be 70-years-of-age, died in a house fire in Benidorm this week, but her dog was saved from the blaze.

The incident occurred in the upper floor of a building in the Alameda Pedro Zaragoza area for reasons which are being investigated.

Three fire tenders went to the scene which started in the bedroom, the rest of the home largely being affected only by smoke.


The woman, who lived with her dog in the home, was said to have been overcome by smoke, losing her life in the incident, although the dog managed to escape and has been put in the care of a foster home.

This was the second fire on the same day in the area, as another had been declared in Gandia, although fire fighters arrived in time to rescue the elderly couple from their terrace where they had sought refuge.


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