DRUG HUB: Police uncover marihuana plantation in El Ejido

GIVEAWAY: Neighbours reported a strong smell of marijuana emanating from the property.

POLICE uncovered an indoor marihuana plantation and distribution centre in a house in El Ejido.

Reports from neighbours there was a strong smell of the drug emanating from the property prompted the launch of investigations, officers’ own observations of the house suggesting it was being used to grown marihuana.

The investigation culminated with a search of the property leading to the discovery of 167 marijuana plants and 22.5 kilos of the drug prepared for sale. Police arrested a 24 and 35-year old.


This was the fourth El Ejido police operation against the illegal cultivation and sale of marihuana in the last month, resulting in nine detentions in total and the seizure of 84 kilos of the drug.


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