Costa Women’s conference for International Women’s Day will support Knitted Knockers and AMUSUVIG

KNITTED KNOCKERS: Part of the dedicated team, Margaret Stevenson, Audrey Carr and Maria Bailey, which make knitted prosthesis (inset) CREDIT: Facebook

THIS year’s Costa Women’s conference to mark International Women’s Day will support two causes close to the heart of those involved – Knitted Knockers and the Association of Women Survivors of Gender Violence, AMUSUVIG.

Costa del Sol’s Knitted knockers’ volunteers make hand-made soft, comfortable, knitted prostheses, for women who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy.

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They are made using 100 per cent cotton yarn and non-allergenic filling, and provided free of charge.

Conference organiser, Ali Meehan, said: “We have supported Knitted Knockers since the association was created three years ago. The handmade breast prosthesis can make such a difference to women’s lives at a time they have just started the cancer survival journey. These knitters are an army of workers for good.”

Maria Bailey set up the Costa del Sol branch of American organisation Knitted Knockers for personal reasons.

“I have had breast cancer. Through early detection I did not have to have a mastectomy, but my mother did. I wanted to share and enlighten people.”

After reading about a Knitting Knockers’ group in Spain, Maria decided ‘this is it’.

And three weeks ago they donated their 1,000th knitted knocker.

The Costa del Sol team of six manage a team of knitters and send out up to 20 knitted prostheses a week, and not just in Spain, as far afield as Australia and Philippines – all made possible through donations.

“This is the third consecutive year that Costa Women has supported us. We are extremely grateful,” said Maria.

To find out more, email: or visit

*Watch this space for more information.


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