Amazon employee in Spain arrested for elaborate €300,000 swindle

AMAZON SWINDLE: Low-value items that collaborators had bought were switched for high-end mobile phones and watches. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

SPANISH police have arrested an Amazon employee for allegedly substituting cheap items for high-end goods that were then ordered by external collaborators.

It is estimated that the scam, operated from the company’s warehouse San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), cost the company in the region of €300,000

National Police, in a statement, said the man had allegedly repeated the elaborate swapping operation up to 20 times before the security team at the centre detected five packages in the distribution area with an anomaly in their exit weights.


They discovered that instead of finding the low-value items that customers had bought there were high-end mobile phones and watches.

Police arrested three people involved with the scam.



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