Barcelona’s beaches could disappear according to scientists’ prediction

TOURISM CHANGES: Average visits have also shortened by two days over the last five years, the report revealed. Photo: Shutterstock

BARCELONA could be losing its iconic beaches, according to scientists.

A group of experts have put together simulations of what Barcelona’s coastlines will look like in the years 2035, 2050, 2080, and 2100.

By the final year’s prediction, according to scientists Ricard Sole, “Barcelona will no longer have a beach.”


He added: “In the coastal area that borders the promenade we will have no beach. But in the area of ​​Barceloneta closest to the sea, water will flood the neighbourhood. Infrastructures such as the metro will be even more affected.”

Experts are calling on politicians to invest in protecting the city’s coastline, as well as cutting down on plastics use and emissions.


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