Spain refuses to back US call for more troops in Syria after Trump’s withdrawal announcement

REFUSAL: Borrell said Spain would not send more troops to Syria CREDIT: Shutterstock

SPAIN’S Foreign Minister said his country will not send more troops to Syria after the US Vice President called on NATO members to send reinforcements following Donald Trump’s withdrawal announcement.

Josep Borrell said Spain and a majority of alliance members were not prepared to plug gaps left by the US’s withdrawal from the Middle Eastern country.

It comes as US Vice President Mike Pence said NATO countries should send the resources, support and personnel to prevent a comeback from Daesh and other armed groups.


Borrell said: “Requests between countries aren’t made in press releases or conference comments. Spain is not prepared to step in for the US after a withdrawal that was decided in a unilateral way, by surprise.”

Pence’s call follows Trump’s pledge to bring US troops home from Syria after claiming victory against Daesh.

The Vice President made the appeal at an annual security conference in Munich in Germany on Friday.

He said the withdrawal was a change in tactics and not in the mission and added his country would continue to have a strong presence in the region.


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