LOCAL UPROAR: Residents complain about number of motorhomes

PARKING PROBLEMS: Residents are reportedly unhappy about the number of motorhomes in Nerja. Photo: Shutterstock

RESIDENTS and businesses in Nerja are complaining about the number of motorhomes parked up in the area surrounding El Plazayo beach.

According to media reports, around 50 vehicles have been parked up in the area for more than a month, as well as a further 30 in the carpark near the Rio Chillar.

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Nerja’s mayor, Rosa Arrabal, explained the plots are controlled by the Local Police, however, laws surrounding motorhomes may prevent them from acting.  In Spain, motorhomes are not governed by traffic ordnances in the same way caravans are, meaning their owners can park up on public land and live inside as long as they do not set up any furniture outside.

Previous governing Nerja Council teams erected signs prohibiting the vehicles in public spaces and erecting height barriers to prevent the motorhomes entering.   Barriers were also in place in the public parking space near El Plazayo but are said to have deteriorated to the point vehicles can now enter.

Mayor Arrabal told Spanish media: “The parking area is controlled by the police and I know they are going every few days to ask the motorhomes to move, since they cannot camp there.”


  1. Can someone explain what the problem is ? They park there over the winter and move on in the Spring. Almost no one else wants to park there at this time of year, and in any even the space is large enough for many hundreds of cars and motorhomes.

  2. Tell the motor home occupants that the height barriers are going to be replaced and give them 24 hrs to move or be blocked in. then ticket every one that does not move


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