HACK ATTACKS: 38,000 cyber incidents took place last year in Spain

CYBER ATTACKS: Spain’s CNI intelligence agency says 102 ‘serious’ cyber attacks took place in 2018. Photo: Shutterstock

A TOTAL of 102 serious cyberattacks were launched against Spanish entities, according to data from the country’s intelligence agency.

General Felix Sanz Roldan, director of the National Intelligence Centre (CNI), told lawmakers there were a total of 38,000 cyber incidents last year.

A fraction of them, 102, posed a serious risk, with one attack taking place every three to four days on average, the director added.


“The serious ones that affect critical infrastructure or government departments are what we really have to dedicate our efforts to,” Sanz Roldan said.

The CNI have evidence that a total of 4,000 incidents occurred last month but it is unclear how many of these were deemed serious.

Sanz Roldan said industrial espionage was one of the most common types of cyberattacks launched last year.

One Spanish infrastructure company had its plans for a proposed motorway abroad stolen and presented by another company at a lower price, the director added.

Sanz Roldan called for a specific budget to be granted to tackle cyberattacks. The CNI currently allocates money to countering the attacks from its €300 million general budget.


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