Professional archers aim to cull ‘plague’ of wild boar in Spain

BOW AND ARROW: Professional archers would target the wild boar herds. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

AUTHORITIES in Spain are planning to use professional archers to shoot herds of wild boar that are becoming increasingly common in city centre areas.

The controversial bow and arrow measure is being considered in Lugo and the regional Xunta has not ruled out extending the plan to other parts of Galicia in the north of the country.

Hunting the wild boar would be complementary to the trapping the beasts in cages on known routes that they take in the urban areas.


The shoots would be carried out at night and the archers would be accompanied by members of the police force.

The wild boar have been blamed for the destruction of landscaped areas in the city and have also been cited as the cause of road traffic accidents.


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