Travel experts call for BOOZE BAN in airports and on flights to Spain

BOOZE BAN?: UK and Spanish travel trade leaders met to try and tackle the "drunken tourism" problem. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

TOURISM bosses and police have called for a ban on alcohol sales at airports and on flights to Spain to put an end to “drunken tourism”.

UK and Spanish travel trade leaders met in Mallorca to try and tackle the problem which has led to negative press for the holiday hotspot island.

Among some of the measures proposed was that passengers shouldn’t be allowed to walk down the drinks aisles in the duty-free shops as part of a campaign to get young people away from linking holidays with getting drunk.


One police chief addressed the meeting saying: “We have already banned smoking. People can’t light up for three hours when flying from the UK to Spain so why do they have to drink? What are we waiting for?”

“Alcohol should be banned on flights and at airports. The only thing you see is the selling of alcohol at Palma airport, it’s a shopping centre where alcohol is sold.”

The seminar was held under the ‘Chatham House rules’ which allows participants to speak freely without revealing their identity or facing any repercussions.

The Palma meeting also aimed to clear up confusion over whether it was the jurisdiction of the Spanish or UK police to deal with in-flight incidents involving drunken behaviour.


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