CHECK YOUR CHANGE: Police warn of new foreign coin scams in Spain

COIN CON: Similar to euros but of much lower value. Photo credit: Twitter / @guardiacivil

FOLLOWING on from a recent warning that went viral in Spain police have warned of more foreign coins in circulation that look similar to one and two euro coins – but have a much lower value.

FOREIGN COIN LOOKOUT: Similar but of much lower value. Photo credit: Twitter / @guardiacivil

The Guardia Civil advise everyone to check their change carefully to make sure that they are not deceived and foreign coins are not passed off as euros.

Among the coins that the public are being warned to keep an eagle-eye open for is the Turkish lira that looks very similar to the one euro but is only worth a fifth of the value.


They also go on to warn that some Moroccan and Thai coins can be confused with two euro coins.

Lower value Venezuelan bolivars and Argentine pesos also frequently circulate in Spain and can be easily mistaken due to the country’s connections to South American.

COIN CON: Police in Spain warn residents and holidaymakers to check their change


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