FROZEN FLUFFY: Cat revived after being found under 40 centimetres of snow

FROZEN: “Fluffly is amazing!”, said the Kalispell clinic in their post. Photo: Animal Clinic of Kalispell via Facebook

A CAT was rescued after being found buried under 40 centimetres of snow in Montana, USA, by her owners.

The Animal Clinic of Kalispell shared before and after pictures of the frozen cat, called Fluffy, on Facebook that have since gone viral.

The vet that attended the cat stated that they couldn’t determine the exact temperature of the animal upon arrival as it was below the figure that the thermometer was able to detect; a ‘healthy’ cat’s temperature should be between 38-39 degrees.


However, the outside temperature was near minus 13 degrees around the day Fluffy was rescued.

The clinic stated that the cat was brought to them basically frozen and unresponsive, with her temperature being very low and reportedly having to take her to the emergency room after several hours of using warm water and blankets was not enough.

She then began to recover and managed to recover to her normal status.

“Fluffly is amazing!”, said the Kalispell clinic in their post.

Amazing success and survival story from this week. Some clients found their injured cat buried in snow. They brought…

Geplaatst door Animal Clinic of Kalispell op Dinsdag 5 februari 2019


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