CLIFF RESCUE: Group of climbers saved after five hour operation in Spain

COMPLEX: A group of climbers were rescued in a five hour operation. Photo: Bomberos de Mallorca

FIVE climbers were trapped on a cliff edge in Sa Gubia, Bunyola, for 11 hours before being brought to safety during a ‘lengthy and complex’ overnight rescue operation.

The group had reportedly been practising abseiling, but found themselves stuck and unable to descend at 7pm on Tuesday evening.

Mallorca Fire Service confirmed the rescue was extremely difficult ‘due to the night time conditions and access to the place’.


One of the added problems was that the Guardia Civil helicopter could not fly over the area because of poor visibility, and locating the rescues had to be done by foot.

With the help of Inca and Soller parks mountain rescue teams, the climbers were brought to safety at dawn yesterday morning after a five hour operation.

Despite having been stranded overnight, they are all said to be ‘in good health’.

Last week, Mallorca fire fighters rescued a couple who were trapped in the rising torrent of Pareis, in Escorca, having spent the night waiting for help.


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