Spain’s DGT to use drones to control vehicle speed limits this year

DGT DRONES: 11 drones to help monitor speed limits in Spain. Photo: @autogestoria via Twitter

THE DGT, Directorate General of Traffic, will incorporate 11 drones to help monitor speed limits in Spain.

Together with new radars, the drones will allow the DGT to achieve a broader control over Spanish roads, with the aim of reducing accident rates.

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The drones were successfully tested during the Christmas Exit Operation and their incorporation has been projected for this year.

But, how do they work?

The drones are very small, and despite being designed for motorways their size allows them to be used on any road.

They can be airborne for two hours and have a performance radius of 500 meters.

The drones don’t have a real-time speed camera, so they will only be used to monitor traffic and record any criminal action using 13-megapixel cameras.

They will record road infringements such as overpassing continuous lines or illegal manoeuvres, identifying the offender and warning officers of any offence.

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  1. Should have 110 drones not 11.Fed up driving along at the speed limit in my 260 kph capable Mustang and passed by all and sundry.The Spanish could sort out their economic problems by fining everyone who exceeds the limit by 10℅……

  2. Bevor the use drones they should sort out the traffic signes. There is a sign for 70Kph and 40meters after there is a 50Kph and another 40meters later there is a 40Kph sign!!!! There are to many signs alltogether.


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