Number of asylum applications made in Spain in 2018 breaks records

RECORD BREAKING: The number of asylum applications made in 2018 is the highest since records began. Photo: Human Rights Watch

THE number of people who applied for asylum status in Spain stood at around 56,500 last year, the highest amount since records began according to UN data.

Figures from the UN’s High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) showed Venezuelan applicants made up around 40 per cent of the total, with about 20,000 applications made. That is almost double the amount made in 2017.

Colombian applications came second with 8,700, about 20 per cent of the total. Syrians came third, making up around 5 per cent of the total with around 2,500 applications.


The number of applications from Syrians fell compared to 2017 when it stood at around 4,200.

The UNHCR estimated that there would be around 78,500 applications placed this year, according to current trends.


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