BREXIT VOTE: Parliament backs British PM Theresa May, calls for no deal rule out and backstop changes

REJECTED: MPs voted down all four motions in Parliamnent tonight. Credit: Shutterstock

BRITAIN’S Prime Minister has told MPs the government will redouble its efforts to secure changes to the EU Withdrawal Agreement following a series of votes in Parliament tonight (Tuesday).

MPs backed the government’s motion which acknowledges she has Parliament’s backing for efforts to secure changes to her Brexit deal. It comes after Parliament rejected her original deal earlier this month.

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Two of the seven amendments put forward by MPs passed. Conservative Caroline Spelman and Labour’s Jack Dromey’s amendment calls on the government to take a no deal scenario off the table.

Conservative Graham Brady’s amendment stated the Commons would back a withdrawal agreement if the Northern Irish backstop was replaced with “alternative arrangements”.

Theresa May said there was a “substantial” majority to leave the EU with a deal in March.

“A fortnight ago this House rejected the Withdrawal Agreement.

“Tonight a majority has said it will support the deal with changes to the backstop. We will now take this mandate forward,” May said.

“There is limited appetite for change within the EU and the path will not be easy.  But in contrast to a fortnight ago this house has made it clear what it needs to approve a withdrawal agreement,” the Prime Minister added.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he was now prepared to meet May for talks on the deal going forward.

“We are prepared to meet her to put forward the point of view of the Labour Party on the kind of agreement we would want,” Corbyn said.

May is now set to return to Brussels to make the case for changes to the agreement. EU officials previously ruled out re-opening negotiations.


  1. A significant detail not mentioned in this report is that the amendment tabled by Ian Blackford was defeated by a massive 327 to 39. Put simply, all the English MPs ganged up against the Scots and gave them a metaphorical slap in the face! In the Brexit referendum, Scotland voted to remain in Europe by a bigger margin than England voted to leave. The tension between the two nations is now the highest it has been since the Jacobite Rebellion. Well, if England can leave Europe, why shouldn’t Scotland leave England? (But stay in Europe just like the Irish Republic.) England may yet rue the day it voted for Brexit when Scotland (finally independent of England) continues to enjoy its share of European prosperity while England heads for isolation amid the breakup of Britain. The only way to avoid this scenario is for the whole of Britain to stay within the customs union. That’s what Labour clearly wants, while the Tories will never agree on what they want. Without a customs union, hard borders will return, not just in Ireland, but eventually in mainland Britain too. It’s not just the Good Friday Agreement that’s being ripped up. The United Kingdom is being ripped up too.


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