European Commission calls on Spain to enforce new invasive species rules

ENFORCEMENT CALL: The rules cover ruddy ducks and other invasive species Photo: Shutterstock

THE European Commission (EC) has give Spain and eight other member states two months to enforce new EU rules on non-native ‘invasive’ animals, birds and plants.

The new rules require member states to take measures to curb the number invasive species. Invasive species are defined as those which live outside their natural habit, spread rapidly and outnumber native animals, plants and birds.

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There are estimated to be around 168 invasive species in Spain, according to government estimates. These include the ruddy duck, the zebra mussel and red swamp crayfish.

The EC called on Spain, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Greece, Ireland, Poland and Portugal to comply with the rules.


  1. Like Neanderthal man, who ‘invaded’ the Iberian peninsula a few years ago, or Celtic man who ‘invaded’ some time after that, or the Basques, who ‘invaded even later. The current waves of ‘invaders’ seem to be welcomed. Why pick on ducks ?


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