JULEN RESCUE: Specialists miners ‘at least’ half way to reaching two-year-old

JULEN RESCUE: Miners have reportedly dug more than 1.5 metres. Photo: @miirnzy and @NicoConsoli23

AFTER 15 hours of working by hand, specialist miners have reportedly dug more than 1.5 metres out of a 3.8 metre tunnel needed to reach Julen.

According to a Junta de Andalucia source as the tunnel works began late yesterday afternoon, the operation is expected to take around 24 hours, meaning workers hope to reach the boy later today.

Experts are working in pairs, 60 metres below ground level to excavate a tunnel connecting them with the borehole the 2-year-old fell down in Totalan on Sunday January 13.


Once complete, the passage, built at a downward incline, will lead rescuers to a point 72-metres underground, to a section in the 110-metrel hole where they believe Julen could be.

Specialists responsible for digging the tunnel are reportedly working in 40-minute shifts, using pickaxes and pneumatic drills and wearing oxygen masks.

JULEN UPDATE: Final 24 hours of rescue mission as workers enter tunnel to reach the 2-year-old



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