INVESTMENT UP: Spain is leading growth in green energy

GREEN ENERGY: €6,800m investment Photo: Shutterstock

SPAIN is leading the growth in green energy across Europe, with investment growing to €6,800 million last year.

The figure, which is seven times the amount invested in green energy in Spain the previous year, brings the country into the top 10 leading the trend worldwide.

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According to Bloomberg NEF, Spain has the fastest growing renewable energy sector across Europe, with total investment coming just third behind Germany at €9,300 million, and France at €9,250 million.  The increase comes as good news to the sector, after Spain’s energy investments tailed off after 2012, stalling at €1,100 million in 2017.

Teresa Ribera, Spain’s Minister for Ecological Transition, said previous government policies had produced a, “quite polluting and expensive energy model,”, but the current government is committed to, policies, “sustainable and ecological, which is cheaper and competitive.”

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said his government is working on a, ‘National Energy and Climate Plan,’ setting out how to reduce carbon emissions.


  1. Spain’s Electricity prices are amongst the highest in Europe, how does this square with the Investment and, more importantly, FUEL POVERTY? It is all very well making these announcements but the very people that should benefit are paying more, much more. There are more and more indigenous Spanish people meeting this Fuel Poverty everyday, while Iberdrola continue their crusade – buying up Energy Companies in England and elsewhere. Charity Should Begin at Home – Not with Shareholders. Electricity is a huge burden for people in Spain and as usual the poorest are bearing the biggest part of this, as their Spend is a much bigger percentage of their income ! No Wonder we are seeing more and more ”Yellow Vest” activity – but not from the bbc, can you believe?


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