RISING ARRIVALS: More sick and old animals are dying in charity’s shelters in Malaga

RISING ARRIVALS: More sick and old animals are dying in the charity’s shelters (file image). Photo: Shutterstock

MORE animals are dying in the shelters of a Malaga Province rescue charity due to the rising costs of putting sick and aged pets down, the organisation has claimed.

The Malaga Society for the Protection of Animals said more dogs and cats were being left at their centres because costs for the injection needed to euthanise them were rising.

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Carmen Manzano, president of the Society, said pet owners should be reminded that their centre was not designed to care for terminally sick animals.

“There are times we decide to keep animals because we can see that their owners would have let the animal suffer until it dies on its own,” Manzano said.

Pet owners have to pay for the injection which costs between €30 and €50. They are also required to pay for their pet’s cremation, which can often be more than €100.

Figures show some 1,039 dogs entered the charity’s shelter last year. A total of 62 were returned in the same year, according to the society.


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