Woman sexually abused while attackers video the assault


FOUR men have been arrested on suspicion of videotaping the assault of a young women who was allegedly forced to take narcotics and sexually abused on New Year’s Eve.

The attack is believed to have taken place in a basement belonging to one of the detainees, who are aged between 19 and 24, in Alicante.

Guardia Civil officers made the arrests at the scene after a neighbour reported a possible assault taking place.


According to reports, the 19 year-old victim met the four Spanish and Ecuadorian men in Benidorm, two of whom are believed to be known to her.

On the pretence of continuing the New Year celebrations, the four allegedly took the young women to a different location, and after a few drinks the abuse began.

Police sources claim the victim, and her alleged attackers were found half-naked, and the young woman was ‘possibly under the effects of a drug’, as she was didn’t know ‘where she was or where she lived’, nor did she recall what had happened.

Officers seized a video which ‘shows the woman resisting her aggressors throughout’.

The court has decreed ‘provisional detention for the detainees’ as alleged perpetrators of sexual assault, two offences of abuse and one offence against privacy.

One of the suspects, 22, is said to have a history of gender violence and sexual abuse with a minor. The Guardia Civil suspects there may have been ‘similar aggressions on at least two other occasions and with different girls’, and believe ‘more cases will arise’ in the course of the investigation.

The Town Council of Callosa d’En Sarria, where the alleged offence took place, has expressed its ‘strongest condemnation and rejection of the alleged collective sexual aggression suffered by a 19-year-old girl in the town’, and has offered its ‘support, assistance and protection resources’.

A 15-minute rally is to take place today (Monday) at 12 noon in the Plaza de España, with the slogan ‘Callosa d’en Sarria contra las agesiones machistas’ (Callosa d’en Sarria against macho aggression).



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