SOARING COSTS: Spain’s electricity prices are among the highest in Europe

Spain's energy and water suppliers will be ‘banned from cutting off' these essential supplies for those struggling to pay bills. CREDIT: SHUTTERSTOCK

ELECTRICITY prices in Spain are among the highest in Europe, and the Ombudsman has expressed concerns about the ‘continuous’ hikes which affect ‘people in a situation of greater vulnerability’.

In his annual report, Francisco Fernandez Marugan said the largest number of complaints in 2018 related to economic and social issues, and said ‘energy poverty’ remains a ‘worrisome problem’.

He reiterated the need to safeguard consumers, particularly the most vulnerable, in light of the ‘continuous and recent rises in the price of electricity, one of the highest in Europe’.


Marugan pointed out that electric power is a basic necessity and essential in the provision of other fundamental rights such as education, health or decent housing.

For these reasons, the Ombudsman considers it necessary that ‘the regulation of the electric sector sets the objective of achieving a more affordable energy’.

He asked that the formula used to determine energy prices ‘be clarified with a version that is understandable to the public’.


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