DANGEROUS CRIMINAL: Spain’s most feared prisoner could be on the move

CORUÑA'S TEIXEIRO PRISON: Fabrizio Joao, may be transferred due to overcrowding and safety fears. Photo: Alberto Freire and @Islandia35Tomas

THE ’Hannibal Lecter’ of Spanish prisons and most dangerous criminal in the country, Fabrizio Joao, may be transferred due to overcrowding and safety fears.

Currently serving a 50 year jail term in total isolation at Coruña’s Teixeiro prison, the convicted murderer is rumoured to be moving to La Lama, also in the Galician community.

Two metre tall Joao is convicted of murdering his girlfriend and a cellmate. He also attacked eight prison officials at a jail in Cadiz, all of whom were hospitalised with two ‘almost losing their lives’.


He now lives an ‘isolated existence’ without any contact with staff or inmates.

The Penitentiary Institution was forced to design a ‘careful plan to avoid contact’ with everybody else in the prison.

He eats and showers in his cell, and when he goes into the yard, he goes alone and the doors open automatically. He is ‘controlled through screens’.

Teixeiro is designed to house 1,000 inmates, but currently holds almost 1,800. And staff are concerned about their ability to protect themselves from dangerous prisoners.

According to Spanish press, wardens have requested control weapons, such as laser guns, and claim ‘there are quarrels almost daily to the point they are no longer new, but we put our integrity at risk’.


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